In 2006 Christian Herluf Pedersen, emerged as a band leader and composer in the band Alliance. In 2009 they released their debut album Alliance on Stockholm Jazz Records. The album consists of original songs inspired by great jazz of the past - performed with a curiosity and sincerity that looks forward in time, and with effortless communication between all 4 members in the band. Besides Christian the quartet consists of pianist Fredrik Hermansson, bass player Kristian Lind, drummer Björn Sima. Melodic grooving jazz!

In 2013 the band the was invited by the festival Summartónar on Faroe Islands and performed 6 celebrated concerts in 1 week,

”Vitalt och spännande”

-Orkester Journalen

”En tät och samspelt kvartett med osviklig känsla för ett grundläggande gung”


Sometimes Pedersen plays with a hauntingly beautiful tone and deepsincerity, as on the ballad “J.S.,” and at other times relishing in the joy of making music with friends, as on “Bigger Leaps.”

”…improvisationsspillet er forbløffende ubesværet…”