Christian Herluf Pedersen Transatlantic

Having met at Berklee College of Music in 1996, Christian Herluf Pedersen invited Asen Doykin and Mathias Kunzli to reunite in Sweden for a tour in February 2014. The tour was joined by bass player Pär-Ola Landin and ended with a 1 day recording session resulting in the album “Autumn Sketch”. None of the tracks on the album has been edited and consists of only first and second takes – all to capture live musicians performing live music. We are very excited and proud to share our work with you!

Transatlantic did a a Manhattan tour October 2015, playing 3 shows at The Whynot Jazzroom, Somethin`Jazz and Nublu. We even joined the radioshow The Pheonix at WNYU. Listen on

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”It sounds awesome in non-traditonal way! Wonderful!”

                                     Leif Linnskog -Orkesterjournalen

”Music with both complexity and calm by proficent musicians!”

                         Niels Overgaard - Jazznyt

”This was a very pleasant acquaintance!”


                                      Roy Ervin Solstad -